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    Go-Holiday in France


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    Go-Holiday in France Empty Go-Holiday in France

    Message par Javaness Lun 14 Oct 2013 - 0:28

    Some of us love Go so much, that we just don't want to stop playing. Naturally then, the idea of holidaying/ sightseeing, in combination with sitting down and playing Go for hours on end, comes to mind. So where are the best places in France to enjoy such an efficient activity?

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    Go-Holiday in France Empty Re: Go-Holiday in France

    Message par Terao2sei Lun 14 Oct 2013 - 7:22

    That's a good question !

    I had the occasion to visit many parts of France, and for me the South West is the most beautiful area. You can enjoy the mountains and the sea. There are many villages chosen as "the most beautiful villages of France" (a French label for the most beautiful villages) in Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine.

    Concerning the big city, Bordeaux is for me the most beautiful in France now. It was a disaster until the end of 90's, but the city has literally reborn. You can see that regarding the increasing tourists . You have the winery of course but the most interesting points of the city are the building in white stones. Toulouse is great also, though has a less unified architecture. For the smaller city, Rodez, Albi, Bayonne, Saint-Jean-de-Luz are great. For the village, Many Basque village like Ainoha, Ascain, Espelette, Cambo-les-Bains are wonderful. There are also villages in Dordogne like Rocamadour, Beynac-et-Cazenac, Domme, La Roque-Gageac which are astonishing.

    The towns around the bassin d'Arcachon are also very easy-living with a wonderful breeze. If you sit in front of the sea with your goban and great friend, you forgot feeling the time. The great point is you can hire a bicycle in Arcachon and run around all the bassin (there is a part for bicycle on the road). You can have some rest in towns, maybe making friends by playing go, and came back to Arcachon by ferry from the Cap Ferret at the end of the day. Or if you want to stay more, you can sleep in a holiday camp.

    Of course, it depends on your interests in architecture and terroir, but for me the South West is definitely the best area (though unfortunately I haven't seen Britain yet but I am sure it's also a beautiful place).

    Once, I played with a Friend on the bank of the Garonne in Bordeaux with a glass of wine, and it was just magic:) .

    South West power !

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