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    Encours Ladder Challenge GO.ON | OGS [en]

    Message par SimeonG le Mer 12 Nov 2014 - 20:29

    Ladder Challenge GO.ON | OGS [en] Flag-u10 | Ladder Challenge GO.ON | OGS [en] France10

    Ladder Challenge GO.ON | OGS [en] Goon_l10

    Become the best gooners !

    Reminder : rules can be read in English below but all the ladder challenge must be posted under the French thread. Notice you can post it in English and that all the important announcement will be both wrote in French and English.

    1. What is this ladder challenge ?

    You are invited to join GO.ON's ladder 19x19 challenge. You will have the opportunity to play even more go games, no matter what your rank is. On top of that, we will grant rewards to the most active and persistent players.

    2. How does this ladder tournament works ?

    A ladder tournament is a tournament in which your ranking is adapted according to your results : you win, you go up ; you lose, you go down. OGS grants to each group the possibility to create its own 19X19, 13X13 and 9X9 ladder.

    There is a few limitations though :

    • When the ranking difference is too important, the opponent is not challengeable.
    • One cannot challenge a player who is already in five challenges.
    • One cannot challenge more than three players at the same time.
    • One cannot decline a challenge.

    3. Registration

    If you wish to take part in that ladder challenge, here are the registration's steps :

    1. Your GO.ON alias must be the same than your OGS alias.
    2. Open the ladder 19x19 's webpage, and click the upper right button, whith « join ladder » written on it. You are now officially a part of that ladder.
    3. Write a message in that event's thread. You will have to indicate your alias, your rank and your will to be registered for the challenge. In short, you will write something like this :
      «John Doe 14k registration »

    Congratulations, you are now running for prizes and rewards !

    4. Ruling out

    Bear in mind that in a OGS ladder, inactive players are removed from the ladder. An inactive player is a player who did not respond to a challenge. That doesn't apply, of course, if you have push on the « go on vacation » button.
    I f you have been removed from the ladder because of inactivation, you can re-join if you want.
    Nonetheless you will have to start again from the bottom.

    GO.ON's team will disqualify every player with wrong attitude (such as cheating, abuse and so forth)

    As we do not have complete control of OGS's settings and organization, we will show no mercy for those who will exploit OGS's flaws.

    5. Settings

    • Rules Japanese
    • Ranked Yes
    • Cancel game No
    • Board size 19X19
    • Handicap None
    • Komi 6.5
    • Analysis & conditionnal moves Yes
    • Time control Fischer (initial time : 3days_time increment: 1day_ max time : 3 days)

    Every time you start a new game, be as kind as to post a message reading the two players' names and a link to the game.
    Ex : elgir 12k vs Rold2007 | link to the game

    That will help us to keep tracks of the number of the games each of you played (in order to grant the most active player award). And the other members of GO.ON forum will watch your games too. Go tiger !

    6. Achievements & rewards

    Every two months, we will grant two rewards :

    • 300 points to the best gooner.
    • 100 points to the most active player (In other words, the player who played and finished the greatest number of games during the last two months)

    One can not get both these rewards. One can not get the same reward twice in a row. If you want to obtain one of those, you must :

    • Have a registration completed on GO.ON website.
    • Have not get a reward the previous time.

    Nevertheless, anyone can join in the ladder challenge, even though one does not know a thing about GO.ON, or does not play for getting rewards. As a consequence, the n°1 gooner may not be the first in the ladder's ranking.

    Bear in mind that these points can be used as coupons in our partner shop ( http://jeudego.com ). Currently we do not have an offer which can be used in countries far from France but we are working on that.

    The ladder challenge officially begins the 15th of November 2014. The first awards will be given the 15th of January 2015.

    7. Game's commentary

    If you want to have one of your ladder challenge's game commented, all you have to do is to post a message in the French thread, reading the name of white and black's players, and the result, and a link to the game.
    Ex : Jane Doe2K vs John Doe 2K black+ time link to game

    We may not have the time to comment every single game. If need be, we may select the games we choose to comment. But if you really want to have your game commented, feel free to post it in the « Asking for analysis » thread.

    Those who used the OGS's Malkovitch comment will be picked first.

    For further information

    If you encounter problems of any kind, please report in this thread. And you can talk privately, if need be, by sending a private message to SimeonG or Nicofig.
    When you will post in a thread or report a problem, feel free to use the language you are the most comfortable with.

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